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Check out this spectacular locally-owned music school in town that just celebrated its 5-year anniversary!Bach to Rock Penfieldteaches all genres of music to students of all ages (tots, preschool, kids, teens and adults), all abilities, and skill levels. Their professional, safe, and immaculate 3500 square-foot facility is complete with a performance stage, state-of-the-art DJ studio with the latest DJ and music production software, a recording studio, and a party stage room along with multiple lesson rooms, band rooms and learning spaces. Currently, Bach to Rock has over 500 students taught by 20 music instructors who are highly qualified, degreed, multi-instrumentalists teaching all instruments including recording arts, music production and DJ scratching & mixing.

Bach to Rock's Approach
At Bach to Rock, they know that students learn best when they play music they like, whether that be BACH or ROCK or anything in between. Students can join rock bands, ensembles, and glee clubs, where they will be coached in music theory and technique as part of a collaborative team while building their repertoire. This fosters teamwork and builds self-esteem while motivating students to practice on their own. Student musicians participate in monthly student performance showcases, Battles of the Bands & Battle of the DJs, recording sessions, and community performances.
Learn about their unique method here."We love Bach to Rock.. Wonderful teachers and staff. Our son has been taking lessons since the Spring, and he absolutely loves it. His teachers have been helping him to explore music in different ways, and tailor his lessons to him.. Definitely not a cookie cutter place.. Absolutely would recommend Bach to Rock to anyone and everyone!!

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (1)

Summer and School Break Music Camps
Bach to Rock offers amazing camps during school holidays, school breaks and weekly all summer long. No previous musical experience is required.

For younger kids ages 4-6, their Rock City World Tour camp includes a global musical instrument exploration from the African hand-drums to the Australian didgeridoos. Kids will love spending their week immersed in this global musical vacation. Parents get to enjoy a performance highlighting many of these musical adventures on the last day of camp!

Older kids and teens have a ton of camp options:

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  • Rock Band Camp (ages 7+) -Designed for students of all levels, this program is taught by real musicians using the unique B2R method, which will have students playing full songs in no time! Students form bands according to their age and skill level, learn to play songs, and record the songs in their state-of-the-art recording studio. Weekly camps culminate in a performance for friends and family on their awesome performance stage.
  • Glee Club Camp (ages 6+) -Campers explore fun vocal exercises, singing in harmony, and cool choreography while performing arrangements of popular songs on the last day of camp.
  • Record a Studio Demo Camp (7+) –Designed for students who are already in a band, campers learn how to promote their music, create a press kit, get gigs, and record their own professional demo.
  • Beat Refinery DJ Camp (10+) -If your child loves music and technology, this is the camp for them! Campers get hands-on experience while learning the fundamentals of mixing songs, scratching sounds, and DJ music theory. Learning from world class DJ instructors, students work on individual cutting-edge DJ workstations and will perform a short 2 to 3 song mini mix at the end of the program.
  • Beat Making Camp (7+)- Ever wonder how the most popular music gets created? Are you looking to add original music to your TikTok/YouTube videos? Unlock the creativity of making music and learn the basics of creating Hip-Hop, EDM, and Trap music to create beats from scratch. At the end of this camp, students will present their beat to the class.
  • Recording Arts Music Camp (10+) –Campers gainhands-on experience manipulating sound in an industry level environment using Pro Tools. Participants have the opportunity to create original music and record live bands in B2R's professional recording studios.

Check out our February Break camp options!

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (2)

For more information and to register for camps:

So happy we found Bach to Rock! Nick and all the staff are truly amazing and supportive in my child’s music education. My son has disabilities and they are able to accommodate his needs above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Back to Rock Penfield !!!!

"The staff is very professional and the music teacher my daughter has is awesome. He is smart enough to keep her motivated and learn more about music every day."

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (3)

Opportunities to Perform

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One of the coolest parts of Bach to Rock's program is their emphasis on performance. As students progress, B2R seeks out all sorts of chances for their students to perform musically throughout the Greater Rochester area. Whether it's at one of the local libraries, town recreation center events, fundraisers,community festivals,or local school events, B2R provides community service in the form of entertainment by their student DJs, bands, musicians, or vocalists: It's a win-win for everyone involved! Performing in front of others is an important aspect of being a musician, the culmination of a performance provides recognition and enhances student’s drive and initiative.

As the weather improves Bach to Rock will be setting up lots of cool outdoor events so keep checking their website for what’s coming up.

Rock Band, Glee Club and Ensemble Program

The special excitement about music training at Bach to Rock comes from students playing together in bands and ensembles. Our professional band coaches work closely with students and direct and train the groups. At B2R, students are placed in compatible groups according to their age and ability. Anyone can join a band or ensemble, you don’t need to be a student at Bach to Rock. Don’t worry about being too old or too young for a band because they have bands for all ages including adults.

Check out their youtube channel for recent band videos:

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (4)

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Beat Refinery DJ, Music Production and Recording Arts School

B2R offers a truly unique Beat Refinery school in a dedicated room. If you, your child or teen wants to learn how to be a DJ or learn how to create their own beats, B2R has a variety of programs to meet your needs including DJ mixing, scratching, music production and recording arts.

Private Lessons

Bach to Rock offersprivate and semi-private lessonsin any instrument and for any ability, from the complete beginner to the advanced musician looking to further hone their skill. What really makes Bach to Rock different, however, is that they work hard to ensure the student plays the music they want to play.With over 550 arrangements, students can choose to play pop, rock or whatever genre they love. Their MyB2R portal provides access to songs, progress, homework and more.

Bach to Rock also supports students in developing as musicians, offering all private lesson students the chance to play in a group, band or even perform solo at one of their events. Lessons can be on-site or online, but whichever option you choose, you know each lesson is a special time just for them where they can meet with their teacher and work together to improve skills and build their confidence when performing.

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (5)

Early Childhood Classes
Beginning students as young as 1 yearold, Bach to Rock Penfield offers energetic, age-appropriate, and fun early education group classes to develop essential skills for future success in playing an instrument.
Rock n Roll (toddlers)is a high-energy and stimulating music and movement class for toddlers and their grown-ups. Each class contains a variety of music and movement activities, group dances, instrument exploration, sing-a-longs, and dance-time.
Rock City (preschoolers)provides a group learning experience for preschoolers to work on dynamic musical and movement-based activities, get exposure to live instruments and have musically inspired story-time. Students will develop the skills needed to read music, play simple rhythms and develop fine motor control.
Kids n Keys (ages 5-7)introduces students to the fundamentals of music theory and piano-playing in a fun group-setting. Our curriculum incorporates different types of activities and games that will have students reading music, playing by ear and playing as a group by the end of the 3-level program.

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Fun With Music (ages 6-7)kids get hands-on music education with instruments like the piano, guitar, and drums. It’s a great way to learn core musical concepts, including how to read music. At the same time, kids get to experience different instruments before they decide which one they want to play!

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (6)

Birthday Parties
Looking for a cool party idea?
B2R hosts partiesfor children as young as 4 and up through teens and even adults!Theyoffer rocking fun parties including Rock City, Rock Band, Glee Club and Beat Refinery DJ. Grab your friends and family and become a rock star on your special day! Bach to Rock provides a Party Director, Music/Recording Director, instruments/equipment, party room, party bags, and t-shirt for the birthday rock star."My son had a blast at his RockStar 4th birthday party at Bach to Rock! It’s no small feat to engage 18 kids in group music activities for 90 minutes but the awesome staff at B2R made it look easy. All the kids were totally pumped to go up on stage and play the “real rock star” instruments. The recording of all the kids singing happy birthday has been replayed approximately 200 times by my son. Thanks to everyone at B2R. This is a great business to have in our community."Want to Learn More?

My advice? The best way to understand what makes Bach to Rock so terrific is to join the fun. And luckily, they have a

March Mambo Showcase that is open to the public!

Find out what Bach to Rock in Penfield has to offer! | Macaroni KID Pittsford-SE Rochester (7)

B2R will be featuring several student performances, tours of the facility, meet some of their awesome teachers and enter to win a raffle with some rockin' prizes!


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Bach to Rock Penfield online, emailpenfield@bachtorock.comor call 585-364-3766 for more information.


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